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Travel Size Deep Hydrating Face Mask with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera - 50ml, 1.69 FL OZ US


  • HYDRATING FACE MASK FOR TRAVEL- All types of skin benefit from a boost in hydration – especially during long flights. Just simply apply the firming face cream in a gentle circular motion to your face, this massage increases blood flow and aids in absorption. To remove take a damp cloth and wipe face clean. Our travel size face mask takes up minimal space, making it the ideal travel companion. Your skin will thank you. 


  • WEIGHTLESS, SKIN HYDRATION ESSENTIAL- Our hyaluronic acid face mask holds up to 800 times its own weight in moisture, ensuring skin firming that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. This tightening and lifting mask uses hyaluronic acid to achieve these results with weightless moisture. 


  • DEEP HYDRATION is achieved with vitamin E, cucumber and aloe vera. Our face mask contains a rich blend of nutrients that nourishes the skin from deep down, protects against premature aging, soothes and tightens pores, and improves your over skin tone and color by building up collagen and elasticity leaving you radiantly glowing. 


  • ALL NATURAL, ANTI AGING FACE MASK by Flight Mode truly takes care of your skin. Our airplane face mask is made from all natural ingredients: Harvest Australian mountain pepper berries, cucumber, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Our firming face mask is vegan, and cruelty & paraben free!




Australian Native Wildberry Harvest, Mountain Pepper -  Protection against premature ageing


Hyaluronic Acid - A skin essential which holds up 800 times its own weight in moisture, so your skin is firmed, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles


Cucumber - Soothes and tightens pores


Aloe Vera - Improves skin tone and colour by increasing the blood flow to the areas of application and helps to build collagen and elasticity, making the skin more invigorated and strengthened. It also soothes and calms irritated skin


Vitamin E - Skin soothing

Flight Mode High-Altitude Deep Hydration Mask

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