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Soap for The Middle Child - Whiskey River Soap Co.


This candle is handmade, so yours will be totally unique . . . unlike the older sibling hand-me-downs you've had to struggle with for years growing up! The hilariously labeled candle is purple in colour and purple haze grape scented, and has a burn time of 60 hours.


If you happen to be a middle child in your family, you probably know the stereotypical struggle — being ignored in various situations, having your name forgotten by even your own parents, or juggling your older sibling's superiority complex with the classic youngest sibling neediness. It's hard out here for a middle child, and sometimes we just need something to prove to us that we're noticed! 


The Middle Child:


• Largely invisible scent 

• Who are you again?

• Magnifies misery 

• Your sister's wedding was just beautiful

• Go ahead dye your hair purple, no one will notice 



Purple Haze (Grape) Scented
• Fragrance: Muscadine
• Net Weight: 6 oz

Soap for The Middle Child

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